July 24, 2013

THE BOOM BAP Feat. SKEME RICHARDS | 06.22.2013 (Video)

Last month, I was asked by the fine folks over at The Boom Bap to come out and shoot a recap video for the event...I gladly obliged.

For those of you not in the know...The Boom Bap is a Hip-Hop dance party held at The 5 Spot in East Nashville the fourth Saturday of every month. I have been attending these events for quite some time now and can honestly say it is the most hype party in town celebrating Hip-Hop music/culture and showcasing skillful turntablism. The resident DJs (DJ Rate, Case Bloom and Bowls) spin a wide variety of mostly pre-2000 classic hip-hop records that always whip the crowd in a frenzy. Furthermore, they frequently bring in guest DJs from out of town to rip up the decks as well. For this edition, we got to witness Skeme Richards bring the heat, he straight killed it...such an epic night as always!! I'd say it is pretty much impossible to walk into any Boom Bap party and NOT have a great time...these guys always come correct!

I thank them for the opportunity to document this killer party and hope to do it again sometime soon!
Check out the video recap below and also photos from the night by Mike Chow and Kelly Hite.


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