March 23, 2012

Mize and the Drive feat. Will Mann - "It Was a Good Day" Live {Ice Cube Cover} (Video)

Happy Friday! Check out this video of Mize and the Drive, gettin' straight gangsta and droppin some old school Cube at this past year's Brewsboro Festival in Murfreesboro, TN! Will Mann on vocals!

Shot this performance footage while I was taking pics for the band at the festival and cut it with scenes from the actual Ice Cube video for fun!:)


Check out Mize and the Drive here:

Shot and Assembled by Brendan Donohue


March 19, 2012

Myquel Haddox: Headstand Nut Gap (Video)

As promised, here is a fun little edit I'm droppin to celebrate 400 likes on my facebook page! Many thanks to all my new and existing fans for your continued support!!

Some might remember me posting this still image on facebook a while you can finally watch the video and see that it was for real:)!!

Filmed this footage almost a year ago in the Boro one sunday; finally got around to putting together an edit for it...

The skater in the video is local Murfreesboro, TN badass, Myquel Haddox...mad talent! This kid crushes it and I wish I would have gotten more footage of him that day; but I digress...

After watching Quel ollie over fire hydrants and 6ft gaps all afternoon, we decided it was time up the ante! Conjuring what little bit of gymnastic talent in my possession, I proposed that he ollie over me while doing a spread eagle headstand, a challenge which he gladly accepted..anything to better the film, right?? haha, after a couple failed attempts (no injuries incurred), he executed the jump flawlessly! pretty intense.

Quel is a "trained professional" and I totally trusted him to clear the "gap". Do NOT attempt to re-create this stunt at home or school...NO BALLSACKS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO!! haha, peace

I would really like to do some more projects like this in the future so stay tuned!


Camera: Canon T2i; 50mm f1.8

Filmed by:
Brendan Donohue
Matt Miller
Xavier Pannell

Steve Jablonsky - "Bumblebee" (From the Transformers soundtrack)

March 13, 2012

Video: Some Recent Edits (Winter 2012); MiM0SA, Camelback Music "Veinte"

Just wanted to post a couple recent videos from the past few months that I shot and edited.

Big shoutout to MiM0SA for posting this recap on his personal YouTube channel as well! Hope to do more work for him in the future:

MiMOSA live at The Cannery Ballroom on January 27th, 2012 (Presented by Marchone Music).

Shot and Assembled by Brendan Donohue of pureform media

Camera: Canon T2i; Sigma 10-20mm, Tokina 28-80mm f2.8

MiM0SA - "Block Party" off the album 58 Degrees

I shot and assembled this recap for Camelback Music's most recent event, "VEINTE", at Club Indulge in Nashville, TN.

Camera: Canon T2i; Sigma 10-20mm and Tokina 28-80mm f2.8

Shot and edited by Brendan Donohue

Dinka - "Reach for Me" (Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman remix)


March 12, 2012

Woody + Megg: The Proposal (Zihuatanejo, Mexico) | 01.16.2012


Just 2 short days after I witnessed and documented two of my great friends say their vows on the beautiful beaches of La Playa Ropa (Zihuatanejo, Mexico), I got to witness another best friend and homeboy for life (Daniel Woodard) propose to his wonderful girl (Meggan) on that same beach!! It was a very exciting and emotional experience for all in attendance, and I am honored that Woodard asked me to document the occasion and capture these memories for them!

Daniel had come to me a few weeks earlier, telling me of his plans to pop the question while we were in Mexico and asked if we could somehow capture the moment. I suggested that we stage a "fake" portrait session for all of our friends on the beach at sunset, making it seem like a group activity so as not to arouse suspicion from Meggan at the presence of all my photo gear setup:) When it was Woodard and Meggan's turn to get their picture taken, he would get down on one knee and say those magic words! Needless to say, the plan went off without a hitch and I was able to capture the whole event basically frame by frame. It was such a great moment and we celebrated accordingly that evening!:)

Check out all the pics here to see how it went down!!


March 8, 2012

Video (Update and Notes): The Ambassador Program at Bassnectar NYE Nashville 2012

It is amazing to me that we're already 8 days into March, how the time flies. It's also crazy that I haven't made a post on here since January (2 months)!! Embarrassing as it may be, it is in no reason due to lack of working projects; quite the contrary in fact...these first 2 months of 2012 have brought with them some amazing opportunities and experiences...from the aforementioned Bassnectar NYE video coverage to my Mexico journey and wedding shoot for two of my great friends, to shooting amazing shows pretty much on a weekly basis with my cohorts over at Break On a Cloud here in Nashville...2012 is shaping up to be an exciting and extremely busy year! Unfortunately, I've been a bit overwhelmed with all the work I have piling up lately, so haven't really had any chance to post on here, but I am sorting my way through everything and will be recapping all the activities here in the coming weeks. You probably already know what's up though if you follow me on facebook!

First order of business:

Here is "The Ambassador Program at Bassnectar NYE Nashville 2012" documentary that we (the Break On A Cloud team) put together to highlight the Ambassador activities at Bassnectar's NYE 2012 performance at the Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville. It was the biggest party in town and one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Here is the skinny from Rob over at
"A documentary of Bassnectar's innovative Ambassador event volunteer program, featuring live action and interviews from Bassnectar's 2012 Nashville New Years Eve event. For information on the program, email bassteam(at)bassnectar(dot)net. For more information on Bassnectar, visit
Video shot by Matt Miller of BreakonaCloud, Brendan Donohue of Pureform Media and Sergio Orozco of Xcklusive Access. Edited by Matt Miller, Lia Holland (of Bassnectar) and Brendan Donohue."
Click the video title to view in Full HD on Vimeo 

Check out some amazing images of the night too from (SIC) Images and Kelly Hite Photo .

We will also have a full recap video of night posted soon over at

also, if you hadn't already seen the Bassnectar Louisville Recap we put together back in September, check it out here: