July 31, 2012

The Custom Sevier Skirt (Video)

So it probably goes without saying that I may have been a bit out of my element as far as the subject matter of this video goes (being the man's man that I am, haha:). Nonetheless, I learned a great deal about the design and production of a custom garment throughout the making of this video.

My friends over at Sevier Skirts really have this process down to a science and certainly produce a quality product of the highest standard for their customers while providing a unique experience! So in essence, I took a lot more from this project than I expected to insofar as what goes in to being a successful small business and how important it is to provide only the best for your clients. This is something that I think that all of us in the creative business realm can stand to emulate.

Definitely had a good time producing this vid and I thank the employees for allowing me to document the ins and outs of their operation!

"Sevier Skirts is a custom skirt company based out of Nashville TN. Sevier Skirts sells thousands of skirts nationwide, however mass production is not our style! Each and every skirt is hand cut, sewn, trimmed to your bodytype, hemmed to your preferred length, and packaged just for YOU. We are the ONLY company that provides this type of fit customization in combination with hundreds and hundreds of fabric options."


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