March 19, 2012

Myquel Haddox: Headstand Nut Gap (Video)

As promised, here is a fun little edit I'm droppin to celebrate 400 likes on my facebook page! Many thanks to all my new and existing fans for your continued support!!

Some might remember me posting this still image on facebook a while you can finally watch the video and see that it was for real:)!!

Filmed this footage almost a year ago in the Boro one sunday; finally got around to putting together an edit for it...

The skater in the video is local Murfreesboro, TN badass, Myquel Haddox...mad talent! This kid crushes it and I wish I would have gotten more footage of him that day; but I digress...

After watching Quel ollie over fire hydrants and 6ft gaps all afternoon, we decided it was time up the ante! Conjuring what little bit of gymnastic talent in my possession, I proposed that he ollie over me while doing a spread eagle headstand, a challenge which he gladly accepted..anything to better the film, right?? haha, after a couple failed attempts (no injuries incurred), he executed the jump flawlessly! pretty intense.

Quel is a "trained professional" and I totally trusted him to clear the "gap". Do NOT attempt to re-create this stunt at home or school...NO BALLSACKS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO!! haha, peace

I would really like to do some more projects like this in the future so stay tuned!


Camera: Canon T2i; 50mm f1.8

Filmed by:
Brendan Donohue
Matt Miller
Xavier Pannell

Steve Jablonsky - "Bumblebee" (From the Transformers soundtrack)


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