September 16, 2011

Wedding Highlight: Justin + Stephanie Hayden | 06.18.2011

Justin + Stephanie Hayden Wedding Highlight | 06.18.2011 from pureform media on Vimeo.

Happy Friday Y'all! Here is a wedding highlight from back in June that I finally got posted (insanely busy summer:)

What started out as a rainy morning quickly turned into a beautiful afternoon as Justin and Stephanie committed to spend their lives together.

There was a certain electricity in the air as the events of the day unfolded; undoubtedly a direct result of the couple's radiant and genial personalities as well as the strong love and support of the family and friends around them.

It really was a pleasure to be part of their big day. There is definitely a special bond between these two that provided for an emotional and downright amazing wedding day full of love, laughter, happiness and lively festivities. It would be an understatement to say that I had absolute blast shooting and producing their wedding video!!


Church of the Assumption; Nashville, TN
The Fleming Center; Nashville, TN

Filming and Editing: Brendan Donohue
Additional Camera: Matt Ferry

Cameras: (2) Canon HV30, Canon T2i

Cold Play - "Fix You"

Photos from the day were beautifully captured by Sara Rose Photography...she was incredibly awesome to work with! see more shots from the day here!



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