August 15, 2011

it's been a while...pureform media blog resurrection

so I've pretty much decided that I suck at last post being in January...but trust me when I say that there definitely has not been a lack of blog-worthy material in the past months. In fact, there has been a ton of crazy and awesome stuff going on lately in my world that has been keeping me super busy...those that follow me on facebook or twitter are probably well aware of some of the madness, so in that case, you are more than welcome to disregard this..haha..I will be making a concerted effort to keep up on blogging now that this will serve as my primary website

so anyways, I was planning on re-doing my whole site in Wordpress and I pretty much abandoned/neglected this blogspot account thinking that I could get a site up pretty quickly..(any relevant info gets posted on facebook anyway, right??) well, as it goes, I have been busy as hell since the new year and just never really got around to it updating:), but I digress, I'm basically gonna try to make up for the past 7 months in a single post, call it even and just go from there! haha, it's gonna be that easy...there's far to much to post, but this is a little summary at the least:)

First off, here is a photographic slideshow journey of most of the year (2011) so far, pulled from my Flickr photos...and I have a ton more pics that I have yet to post,  take a look!:

Break on a Cloud

I feel that one of my most notable endeavours this year has been establishing an involvement with the crew over at Break on a Cloud...for those of you that don't know, BOAC is one of Nashville's newest and freshest music blogs, run by my homie, Rob Bragdon, and crewed up by Matt Miller, Kelly Hite, Alan Wieme  and Larry Arace, who are all super talented photographers and videographers. Together, we have been covering some of the dopest music events throughout Nashville since January, providing video and photography support and subsequent recaps and writeups on the Blog. This has provided some great opportunities to film such hip hop legends such as Raekwon, Talib Kweli, Questlove, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Nappy well as some hot up and coming Nashville acts as Dee Goodz, Chancellor Warhol, Gab, DJ Wick-It, Classic Williams and Call it Dope!

Follow the Cloud ASAP for a daily dose of dope music!! Please show some love by hittin up Break on a Cloud on Facebook and Twitter!!

Here are some video samples of what we have been up to...and there is plenty more badass content in the works, so stay tuned:

Stay tuned for more content, project updates and general news and happenings...I promise I'll be more on the ball with the blog this time around!



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