January 26, 2011

New Electro Collab w/Cody Malak!

Got a new track up on SoundCloud, chek it out!

This is a collab with my boy, Mr. Cody Malak. Based on a song that Cody wrote a long while back that we used to jam on live. He decided to rearrange/remix it again in digital form and it became a sort of trancey, downtempo track. Cody ripping on guitars and ambient synth passages; I took the music bed he provided and sequenced the beat, bass line and layered synth elements, then mixed it all in Logic...this it the result:

Flambience by pureformmedia

Def more stuff like this to come as we continue to collaborate!

Here's another track I remixed a while back, if u hadn't already heard it!
Whitehaven Inebriation (feat. NateMonoxide) by pureformmedia



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