October 13, 2009

Jake and Lilly Lankheit Wedding Highlight | May 09, 2009

I shot this video for my girlfriend's sister's wedding back in May and finally got it cut and done (it was one hell of a busy summer). The wedding was a blast and I wish the best of luck and happiness to Jake and Lilly in their new life together.

Location: Nashville, TN

**This was kind of a last minute shoot and I encountered some technical issues, worst of which being my shotgun mic kept cutting out through the service/reception and I lost good bit of key audio moments...but was able to salvage enough to cut the video still, and I am personally happy with the outcome**

Shot and edited by Brendan Donohue
Camera: Canon HV30
NLE: Final Cut Pro 6


Music: Jeremy Enigk (opening) - "A New Beginning" John Murphy - "Surface of the Sun (Adagio in D Minor)" (from the "Sunshine" Motion Picture Soundtrack)


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